Leisure Activities to do in Luberon

Leisure Activities to do in Luberon

There are so many activities that one can undertake during their leisure time in Luberon. You can also visit the local pubs if you’re into playing top rated darts, drinking with friends, and dancing as Luberon has a lot of decent spots in the city too.

The activities below, for sure, do leave exciting memories that are good to remember always.

Provence Half-Day Tour

When in Luberon, take a six-hour day trip to Provence from Avignon. Give yourself the chance to appreciate the first century Pont du Gard. It’s considered a UNESCO world heritage-listed aqueduct, and it spans the Gardon River which makes it worth visiting.

Visit Senanque Abbey to see the lavender fields and violet flowers as they fully blossom in June and August. Don’t forget to tour the beautiful Les Baux de Provence and enjoy seeing the limestone buildings. Stop over at Roussillon and take a walk in the ochre path and taste the Luberon wine before going back to Avignon.

Food and Drinks Joints

Visit some food and drinks joints such as the Domaine La Garelle, Chateau la Verrerie, Le Domaine de la Citadelle which are awesome winery joints in Provence. They have lovely wine served by very enthusiastic and hospitable staff. You can always have the best of it and as much as you want.

Nonetheless, Explore and enjoy traditional Provencal cuisine which combines simple local ingredients with extreme robust flavors. Here, you will have a chance to enjoy fresh Mediterranean food, a variety of cheeses, pieces of bread, and seasonal vegetables that are sun-ripened.


Visiting some museums is one of the leisure activities to do in Luberon. Some of the best ones are Tapiezo, SCAD Lacoste, Santons Daniel Galli, Mieke Heybroek Et Ulysse Plaud, Musee Extraordinaire, Lavender Museum, and Musee du Tire-Bouchon. If you are an art lover, don’t hesitate to step into Tapiezo to experience the conceptual constructions built on general symbols containing pigments and sans of Roussillon in Provence.

Discover the sea treasures hidden in Musee Extraordinaire that is located in Ansouis city. Stop over at Coustellet in the Lavender Museum which is 20km away from Avignon. Here, you will learn about the history, qualities, properties of Lavender, and its future and challenges faced in farming it.

Private Sightseeing Tours

Enjoy private tours for site seeing at Aix-en-Provence and southern region of Luberon. Take a stroll down course Mirabeau and get intrigued by its attractive 17th-century mansions. Also, don’t forget to visit Aix Old Town and get inside Cézanne Studio which is 30 mins walk from Aix where you will get to learn about Cezanne’s history.

Once you leave Cézanne Studio, you can continue exploring the picturesque villages located in the southern Luberon area.  Discover the villages mounted on a rooftop with each of them offering divergent personality and charm. You will definitely fall in love with every one of them.


There are many places and sites in Luberon that locals and international tourists can visit. You can either drive, board a train, or take a plane (via Avignon) from Paris to Luberon. Accommodation is also available in hotels around Luberon just to make your visit comfortable and worth remembering.

Local Recliner Redesigned with a Modern Flair

Recliners aren’t usually recognized for their edgy design. Most often, utility and comfort are prioritized when manufacturing these chairs. In fact, when you visit your local furniture shop, finding the best recliner that stands out can be really frustrating. Typically, you will only find recliners that come in a living room set which is bland and lacking in personality. Sometimes, you’ll see a promising one, but at the end, it’s not enough to be called a piece of art. Luckily, these recliners are now changing. Many manufacturers now adapt to a new practice since buyers prefer both comfort and style today.

A simple recliner isn’t enough anymore in today’s houses. You’ll also need stylish ones to complement your modern place. Fortunately, we found a local recliner chair that exceeds both expectations. The Rofl Benz 577 is a great example of a traditional recliner turned into a sleek piece of art. This redesigned beauty expertly blends the characteristic of a recliner with the benefits of an armchair. Made with high-quality materials, this elegant chair is not only durable, but it can also be trusted. Unlike the traditional recliners, the Rolf Benz is a flexible kind that you can place anywhere at home. The creator aims to modernize a chair that you can use at the dining place, lounge, and study area. Because you can use it as a recliner or armchair, it covers a whole lot of uses than your ordinary chairs.

The success of this local recliner has gotten to a lot of furniture seekers. Now, the designers are not only gaining popularity because of the Rolf, but they are also appreciated for their other artistic creations as well. Burkhard, the main designer, still aims to provide quality products that aren’t just your normal chair. The goal is also spreading art through pieces of furniture. This is just one great example of a recliner that promotes artistic flair. You can definitely notice other products too if you look hard enough. Visit your nearest furnishing stores or surf the online shops to score a piece.

Lauris Luberon and The Garden of Dye Plants: Things to Do

Lauris is a village found in the southern mountains of Luberon – a charming place with a rich heritage and botanical livelihood. Here, people can choose from a variety of informative activities. Because the place is well taken care of, it is also an ideal spot for relaxing picnics with the family and quiet leisurely walks on the vast grounds. As the gardens buzz around on their new zero turn lawn mowers, you can smell the scent of freshly cut grass.

The region of Lauris is popular for its production of plant colorants. The Garden of Dye Plants is considered as a major tourist location in the area. The staff makes sure that lawns are trimmed with high-powered mowers, and the plants and flowers are tended by expert gardeners, so a visit here would be grand.

When you stop by the Lauris Dye Garden, make sure to do these activities:

  1. Village tour in Lauris.
  2. Group tour in the garden
  3. Dye and Plant Workshops:
  • Dye extraction
  • Sowing Classes
  • Scarf making and coloring
  • Seed planting and transplanting
  • Introduction of different plants for aromatic, medicinal, and tinctorial purposes.
  • International Forum on Plant Dyes that features arts and crafts, lectures, and souvenir markets.

If you want to retire from the hustle and bustle of the city, the dye garden is open for all ages. Find a solemn retreat wherein you and your family can enjoy nature while learning the local’s historical livelihood. You can visit here in the middle of May until the end of October.