About Us

Hello! We are a team of writers, travel enthusiasts, and tourist guides who are proudly born and raised in Luberon.

Tourism in Luberon has been gaining much attention lately. With so many picturesque destinations to choose from, it’s no wonder why travelers fall in love with this serene place. If you want to have a relaxing escape, a trip to this quaint area will revitalize your soul. Luberon is known for both its natural sceneries and its old-fashioned villages located on high ground. This makes it great for outdoor activities like picnics, hiking, and village hopping. Be transported into a medieval-inspired location that is complemented by limestone hills, olive orchards, and vast valleys. If you are tired of the city life, this stunning site in the southern part of France should be included in your travel list.

We suggest that once you arrive, explore the popular villages immediately. This is always part of every visitor’s to-do list. Villages in Luberon are filled with shops where craftsmen display their talents. Here, you can purchase souvenirs at reasonable prices, taste the local cuisine, and visit orchards or nature parks; and while you’re jumping from one place to another, you can also enjoy a full dose of fresh air. Most of these villages are located 30 kilometers from each other, so take pictures along the way. Luberon is teeming with abundant wildlife and rich vegetation. You’ll be surprised at how affordable this destination is. After a week of touring, you’ll surely go home energized.

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