Guide To A Romantic Get-Up: The Provence Style

Provence Style

Going on a date or just want to wear a romantic get-up? You may consider the Provence style way of dressing and steal your date straight to your heart. According to the fashion gurus and personal stylists Reviewing This, this kind of style generates calmness and the feel of romance in the countryside. It can be compared to the cuteness, the freedom, and the rebel attitude of the Hippie style and the calmness and comfort that the casual style brings.

Prints And Colors

The most important factor in any dress style is the colors and prints it symbolizes. For the Provence style of dressing, it needs to be light and dominated by natural colors like gray. It’s important to note that bright and blinding shades should not be included. Province style is also characterized by natural tones of white shades paired with the middle shades such as purple and green with matching gray and beige-to-brown options.

Fabrics And Textures

With regards to the fabrics and textures, the Provence way of dressing is also dominated by all-natural options. All the textures should show the softness and the smoothness of the style. It can be presented with different options such as knitwear, fur piece, viscose, cotton, jersey, times denim, and chiffon. This style also comes with different shapes that bring different options such as jumpers, cardigans, sweaters, and many more. Another texture that is used in this style is lace that comes with simple and even sophisticated varieties.

Guide To A Romantic Provence Style Get-Up

The Provence style way of dressing provides a unique and romantic way of presenting yourself romantically on a date. It is a good option when you want to impress someone and catch his attention with your appearance. Find below the following tips for a romantic Provence style get-up.

  • When you are into the Provence dress style, draping, layers, and other big proportions of designs are always frequent and these are the most descriptive feature of this style.
  • Textured and multi-layered looks are visible in this get-up, but rest assured that it is still one of the most feminine and elegant choices for women’s dress style.
  • Another identity of the Provence dress style is the ruffled options and oversized shapes that bring a relaxing mode to anyone. A dress that can be paired or combined with skirts is the biggest variant of any garment combination available.
  • If you use jeans, it will make you look casual. It is much better and safer to use mini and maxi skirts as shape alternatives.
  • For footwear, heels that are not too high or too thin are highly recommendable. Always remember not to use sporty boots for this dress style.

The Provence style of dressing provides a good way of presenting yourself romantically when you go out on a date. Although this way of dressing is characterized by textured and multi-layered clothing, rest assured that it is still one of the most feminist and elegant dress styles that you can wear.

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