Do French Women Have Plastic Surgery?

French Women Have Plastic Surgery

Everyone enjoys elegant looks, but it is not always that easy to get. After all, not all are born with a good face. With all the digital marketing for plastic surgeons around, you can get help from a plastic surgeon to help you maintain your looks.

You may have admired French women and how they age gracefully. And at one point, you may have wondered whether they even get plastic surgery. Do they? Let’s discuss that below.

The No-Plastic-Surgery Idea

Reading books, news, articles, and other publications may have you believe that French women do not opt for plastic surgery to maintain their younger looks. A lot of people think that it is their French diet that maintains their good looks. That’s because in a typical French meal, you are likely to find fewer preservatives and other chemicals.

French grocery food and bread are a leading sample of how the French daily meals help gain and maintain French people’s striking looks. Bread is baked and delivered with no preservatives; you have to buy a fresh one daily, and leftovers are inedible due to hardening. The same case applies to grocery foods, and with such a routine, you readily believe that their perfect posture and looks are an effortless venture. Though their meals are fresh and more natural, it does not mean that their elegant looks are gained that easily.

French Women Do Have Plastic Surgery

Even with the most observed meals and daily routines, people, in general, need a little medical help to get back to shape – even French women!

The truth is that French women do get plastic surgery. The most common procedures they opt for are facelifts, eyelid surgery, injectables, and rhinoplasty.

If you still find it difficult to believe that French women have plastic surgery, then you better read some statistics. According to ISAPS statistics, with a 2.2% rate as a representative of all cosmetic surgery procedures, France made it to the top 10 countries with the highest rate of people getting plastic surgery.

Apart from the facial procedures, French women also have plastic surgery on other parts of their body. For instance, breast augmentation is a common procedure among French women in their pursuit for a better look. It is also common to find French women visiting their plastic surgeons for liposuction as well as for abdominoplasty. This is especially after childbirth as getting the tummy back to its former glory may take more than diet and physical exercises. Though the procedures are mostly minor, they still count as having plastic surgery.

The Take

You can hardly spot a French woman with looks that are not admirable. If you want to age the French way, you can need to be keen on your diet, exercise, and on your lifestyle as a whole. However, do not shun the idea of plastic surgery. A minor plastic surgery goes a long way in ensuring your beauty to last longer and in increasing your confidence day by day.

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