Crime Mystery: Death in Provence – A Book to Read While Traveling in Luberon

Traveling in Luberon

For those who like murder mystery stories, you’d definitely enjoy Death in Provence by Serena Kent. This is one of the example of a truthfinder review gives by real customers. Now, just to give you an idea, Serena Kent isn’t an actual person. It’s actually a pen name for a husband and wife duo Rob Rees and Deborah Lawrenson. Their book Death in Provence has become a hit among young and older crime story fans alike not only because of the plot but also because of the way the story was written.

So what’s the story about anyway? Let’s check it out:

The main character of the story is Penelope Vine who is a 50-year-old former forensic pathologist and now a retiree. In this story, she decides to relocate. With the help of a shrewd real estate agent, she ends up buying an old house. Much to her surprise though, she finds a body of a local in the swimming pool.

The man is identified as Manuel Avore and was seen to be holding the Ace of Spades. Out of nowhere, her real estate agent, Clemence seems to have popped in out of nowhere along with other people like the mayor.

Hiding in plain sight, she decides to make a little investigation of her own to see where the body came from. However, some of the locals aren’t exactly too happy about her investigation. Due to this, Penelope’s life has been turned into a series of mysteries, background check services, and clue finding. Of course, she won’t be able to settle down and sleep well unless she finally cracks the case.

What Readers Will Enjoy

Aside from the very thrilling storyline, other things that the readers will enjoy are the descriptions of the food and the scenery. The great thing about how this writer duo writes is how they tell the story in such a way that you can really visualize. For instance, the way that they describe the food in the village is really exquisite. If you’re a connoisseur of various cuisines, you’ll really appreciate the description of the food and the wine.

Other than that, you’ll also love the description of the scenery. The way that they describe the village makes you almost want to be there because you can picture yourself there looking at the terraces. Just check out the description of the house and village that she moved to:

“It’s love at first sight when Penelope Kite sees Le Chant d’Eau—The Song of Water—the stone farmhouse tucked high in the hills above the Luberon valley, complete with a garden, swimming pool, and sweeping mountain vistas.”

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Humor Mixed with Mystery

Although it can be a rather serious thriller mystery book, the writers do love to inject some humor into it so that it won’t be so heavy to read. It’s definitely the perfect book for a nice and relaxing day in the village.

Death in Provence is the first book of a series of crime stories created by the husband and wife duo. It definitely gives off a great first impression with the synopsis alone. It’s bound to keep you to your seats as you flip through the pages and go through each chapter. It’s definitely a recommended read for those who love crime thrillers.

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