Barbeque Day at Melon Festival in Cavaillon

The Cavaillon is a quaint countryside in Luberon. It is known as the Melon capital of the Provence because of its ample gourd supply. The town honors their produce in the middle of July and celebrates with a variety of activities. For days, the people can join endless banquets as the city’s largest propane smoker will be out for review. The streets are filled with taste testing stalls and shops with different types of melon treats. Aside from these gastronomic delights, local vendors also showcase their melon-themed artisanal products to the masses. For a quick history of this village, the tourists can also visit the Saint-Veran Cathedral and its surrounding museums; from there, tours and exhibits are held at affordable prices.

In Cadenet, a large barbeque-melon event will be held in the center of the market. This event could cater hundreds of participants and would officially start at 10 in the morning and end at 8 in the evening. This event includes a barbecue eating competition wherein participants would eat a variety of barbecued meat and melon dishes. The champion can get gift certificates and a sum of money from the festival sponsors. If you aren’t into such, you can also enjoy the long stretches of barbecue stands on the sidewalks. Along with this, cooking demonstrations are freely given; you can learn dozens of melon recipes that are authentic and tasty. At dusk, the annual cultural dancing will be held to end the event officially. The fun continues as tourists flock to the Melon en fête. Here, people can purchase archives, books, paintings, portraits, and recipes about melons. On this program, visitors can witness the parade of colorful festival floats and the lively marching band.

Cavaillon’s melon festival is always a hit every year. If you look forward to this, book your tickets as early as possible. This yearly festival is quite popular so tickets can get sparse and expensive. Luckily, there are several transportation alternatives too. Bring your family and friends in this merry destination in the south of France. July is the best month to pick – this is where the celebration happens.

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